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  • Advanced Analytics

    We use data and sophisticated math to solve complex business problems

    We focus on answers and business value, not software or tools.


  • Store sales
  • Inventory
  • Omni-channel fulfillment


  • Staffing levels
  • Customer acquisition and growth
  • Pricing & promotions


The Advanced Analytics Practice delivers insights that technology alone can’t provide. Our multi–skilled team of data scientists, data engineers, and industry experts help our clients better understand their business through data to confidently affect change. We help organizations in retail, restaurant & QSR, and financial services solve high value business problems and realize increased performance and efficiencies.


Omnichannel sales have reached a critical point, prompting retailers to re-think how to manage inventory and maximize client satisfaction. Here are some ways we help:

  • Forecast inventory breadth and depth to optimize turn and reduce out-of-stocks to satisfy the buyer’s needs the fastest way possible
  • Leverage brick and mortar and ecommerce assets synergistically to increase sales in markets
  • Design a test-to-bulk process to improve forecasting accuracy by determining the optimal quantity of merchandise while managing costs

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Restaurant & QSR

Today restaurants seek to better understand consumers to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue while managing costs. Here are some ways we help:

  • Decrease supply chain expenses by better forecasting menu item demand and devising allocation strategies for distribution centers
  • Improve speed of service to enhance customer satisfaction and increase order throughput while optimizing staffing payroll
  • Determine cannibalization patterns among products to inform demand forecasting and decrease supply chain costs

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Banking & Insurance

Financial services firms are challenged with expenses and disruptive competitors in a lean margin environment. Here are some ways we help our clients focus on meeting the changing needs of their customers:

  • Understand customers’ potential needs and predict next best actions to improve retention rates and grow share of wallet
  • Refine product and service offerings, pricing, and marketing campaigns through scientific testing practices
  • Reduce costs via channel and branch location optimization without impacting customer satisfaction

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Our Experts

Leigh Helsel

VP, Retail Strategies

Jim Kilgore

Principal, Advanced Analytics

Chris Holloman

Chief Data Scientist

Chris Scott

Head of Data Engineering

Tayler Blake

Senior Data Scientist

Our Approach


  • PhD Data Scientists
  • Leading Industry Experts
  • Visual Designers
  • Data Engineers


  • Access to data you don’t have
  • Bring your data together in ways  you haven’t before
  • Combined to create powerful insights that are actionable


  • Technology that enable us to get to insights without the cost and complexity to you


The team brought to our organization a robust methodology for managing, collaborating and analyzing a complex scenario in our industry. Their approach and inquisitive leadership, along with a strong data science discipline and technology stack enabled us to gain value out of the insights that were delivered. In addition, our team was able to partner throughout the process and learn/develop their knowledgebase.

SVP Innovation, Regional Bank